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ONOMA is an Alternative Metal band from Israel.

Formed in 2007, the band, whose name aptly means "Name" in greek, unleash a hypnotic combination of dark melodies, meditative sounds and unconventional energy in a tight modern metal envelope.

Often incorporating free-form noise passages in its energy driven live shows, the band's being described as an alter-ego outburst with lyrics dealing with subconscious and self explore.

Following the release of 2012's debut album "All Things Change" (mixed by famed producer Sylvia Massy), and the extensive touring in Israel and Europe in support of it, the band currently records its sophomore album. The yet untitled effort, set for an early 2017 release, takes the band's sound into a broader spectrum, both sonically and ideologically introducing a richer palette of emotions and sounds.




Elad Koren – Vocals

Asaf Keidan – Guitar

Gil Grosz – Bass, Synth

Alon Barer – Drums


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